Papa's freezeria

The Logo of the Freezeria.

Papa's Freezeria is a restaurant owned by Papa Louie.It serves multi-flavored sundaes that can satisfy your customers.The restaurant is handed to the character you play because Papa will enjoy his vacation.

Characters in playing the gameEdit


Alberto and Penny.

There are characters selected in the game to be your avatar.You can choose either Alberto or Penny in this game.

Instructions in playingEdit

The instructional guide at the game will first introduce the sections,Order section,Build station,Mix station,and Top station.The Order Station is where you will put vanilla,syrups,and mixables in different sized cups.T

The choosing stage in making your game.

he Mix Station is where you will mix the sundaes.The Top Station is where you will put toppings,cream and syrups.Finally,the Order Station is where you will take customer's orders by writing them in tickets.Next,the guide will take you to the Build Station to add mixables and syrups.Mix Station is where the guide takes you to mix the sundae.Lastly,it takes you to the Top Station where you put toppings at the sundae.You need to drag the desired ticket on the holder.After finishing,the sundae will be taken to the customer,which they judge its taste.

Location of the restaurantEdit

The location of the restaurant is at Calypso Island where Alberto and Penny live.Calypso features a small island with many trees,nine houses,the Freezeria,a Surf Shack,and wooden roads.The population is only twelve,until the boat which carried the customers,arrived.