Jojo with his published book.

Jojo is a customer at Papa Louie's restaurants.He is the leader of the closers.He is known far and wide as the premiere food critic.He never orders the same meal.Instead,he visits every restaurant to sample their food weekly.He changes his order every visit he takes.He isn't going to be a normal customer forever just like Quinn.He'll award you with a Blue Ribbon if he likes your food.

He's revealed to be French.


Jojo has a curly mustacke and a pointy beard.He wears a black hat and black jacket,pants,and shoes.

He is immensely rich and wealthy.Jojo can be put to smiles but must be aware of his attitude.If you made him a bad mood Jojo,the next three days he will visit he will not award you with anything.

Also,if you buy the poster that praises him,it will increase your chance to be awarded by him a Blue Ribbon.